Monday, December 26, 2011


For those of you that don't know already, Madelyn was discharged from NICU on December 22, after 33 days in NICU. I never thought that day would come truly-- after so many close calls and roller coaster emotions, it finally did though. It was the best day of the year for sure. I had been waiting for my girls to meet for 9 months, and Bella's reaction was absolutely priceless.

Here is a link to the video of her homecoming and meeting Bella for the first time

Since she has come home, we had the best low key Christmas. We didn't travel anywhere or stress ourselves out with multiple gatherings.... we stayed home and enjoyed our new family addition and my parents came over to celebrate with us. We are adjusting to life with 2 children and I am sure there are still more adjustments ahead of us, but we are in love with our two girls more than we ever thought possible.

Since Madelyn's birth, we have experienced an outpouring of support from so many people. I want to take a minute to thank everyone. I am truly humbled by the support that has come our way. My facebook page was overcome with hundreds of comments and prayers the night that Madelyn entered the world. My best friends came together and have cooked us meals, cleaned our house, unpacked moving boxes, babysat Bella, and drove me to/from the hospital before I was released to drive. We got meals and gifts in the mail from past clients of Mandy Leonards Photography, we got cards and gifts from past personal training clients of mine and online friends that I've never met in person. I had several people stop in at the hospital to see me and bring me coffee or just offer a supportive hug. It was seriously the most amazing outpouring of support I could have ever imagined. You always learn who your true friends are in times like this and there are so so SO many people that Jerry and I are overwhelmingly thankful for right now. Those of you who have stepped up and been there for us this past month, you know who you are. Thank you SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts and souls. I don't think words can express the true gratitude we have, but we will be returning all the support when the time comes for all of our friends that have been there for us. We have made new friends in the process and grown closer with others too. I feel like my family just didn't expand by one over the past month, but I feel like it grew but a lot more by all of you who came out for us. We love you all.

Happy Holidays :)

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  1. Love this post! I am just so happy (to the point of tears when I think about it!) you are all home together and got to spend a relaxing Christmas at home, just the 4 (6, at times...and I get 8 if you count the dogs!! lol) of you <3 so so so happy. Counting my blessings that all of our friends have had happy, healthy babies and even though you had some struggles, all is well now. YAY!