Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

As our family prepares to grow, Jerry and I have been talking a lot about our current living situation lately. We've lived in our current home for 6 years. It's treated us well. It's been nice to not have to mow a lawn (it's a condo)... it was nice to be in new construction from the beginning. It's in a very convenient location in town and it's been wonderful being only 3 miles away from my parents. However, the time has come to move on. We are busting at the seams.

Working from home makes the space cramp up even quicker. We have 3 levels to our current townhome... and the lower level is dedicated strictly to the studio--which is nice, but we don't use it at all for personal space. This means that Bella's toys end up EVERYWHERE on the main level and are nearly impossible to organize. We have run out of storage and the cabinets are overflowing. Don't even get me started on Jerry and I's closet.... and to be honest right now we have no idea where Baby 2.0 will sleep LOL.. poor kid!!

So, we've started the "talk" about moving. We briefly talked about this when I was pregnant with Bella, but it was impossible. The market was at it worst and Jerry had been without full time employment for a few months which made our budget extremely tight and impossible to save a dime. So, we quickly vetoed that idea and it has been fine.

The housing market still isn't ideal for selling, but its wonderful at the moment for buying. Interest rates are low, house prices are down... you can get soooo much more house for your money right now. So we are exploring our options at the moment. It may or may not happen before this baby makes it arrival, and either way, I know we will make it work. I do hope for our family's sake though that we are able to make the move sooner rather than later. And this next move is most likely going to be our last one for many years to come!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Working out during Pregnancy

I get asked about this all the time so I decided to write a blog post about it. Yes, I continue to exercise during pregnancy. Yes, I continue to do the same things I do when I'm not pregnant. Yes,I take down my intensity level and listen to my body. Yes, it helps you bounce back quicker post-partum. I will make the statement that moderate exercise is perfectly healthy and recommended throughout pregnancy as long as you don't have a high risk pregnancy. If you have any bleeding or pain, please discontinue and consult your doctor.

When I was pregnant with Bella, I had a very healthy pregnancy. I worked out 4-5 day a week the entire time and was even on the elliptical the day before my water broke :) She was a very healthy full term baby and I was wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans 2 months after she was born. No, I didn't do any crazy crash dieting after I had her. The combination of keeping healthy while I was pregnant, as well as breastfeeding and eating well (although I ate ALOT.. I had never been as hungry in my entire life as I was when I was breastfeeding) post-partum helped the bouncing back quickly.

Now here is what my workout schedule looks like these days. I aim for 4-5 days of workouts a week. We do belong to the local YMCA so that allows me to bring Bella so I can get my workout in. However, I do tend to do a cardio workout at home 1-2 days a week because I don't like taking her to the child care more than 3 days a week (germs).

2 days a week--Live Turbokick classes (60 minutes in length)
. Turbokick is the live class version of Turbojam, for those that have heard of it. It is high impact and a mixture of kickboxing, dance and martial arts. The music pumps you up, the full classes get you excited and let me tell you-- you SWEAT in this class! I generally burn anywhere from 300-500 calories in a live class. I love love love Turbokick. By far, my favorite form of cardio. The time flies when you are having fun :)

2-3 days a week--Weight training (30 minutes)
. At least 2 days a week I make time for weight training. I do all the same exercises I do not pregnant. I try to do a full body routine since I often only make it 2 days a week and I am focusing on maintenance instead of muscle building at the moment. That means I try to 2 exercises focusing on legs, 1 for chest, 1 for back, 1 for biceps, 1 for triceps and then an abdominal series. 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps depending on the day.

1 day week- Spinning Class (45 minutes). Spinning is another great cardio workout. It is also really easy to modify when you are pregnant.

1 day week- Jog on treadmill or Elliptical cardio workout (35-45 minutes).
Usually the days I do weight workouts, I either do spinning or hop on a machine for a jog or an elliptical workout. I enjoy running 3-5 miles when not pregnant, and I want to be able to still do it. Yes, if you run pre-pregnancy it is safe to continue running during pregnancy. I do watch my heart rate and do have to keep my speed slower than usual. My usual speed not pregnant is an average of 6.7mph on the treadmill and during pregnancy my average speed is about 5.7mph... so yes much slower. But I still cover 3 miles in just about 30 minutes.

1 day a week-- At home Turbokick or Turbojam workout (50 minutes)
. Usually once a week I choose to do a video at home. Same as live class but not nearly as much fun or as intense ... but it is a time saver and convenient. Bella likes to do these with me :)

Things to remember while working out when pregnant:

1. Make sure you can TALK during your workout. If you can sing, you aren't working hard enough. If you can't tell your neighbor hello without panting, you are working too hard and need to step back.

2. Heart rate monitors are AMAZING. They are amazing not pregnant too-- but even more helpful when pregnant. I keep my heart rate below 150 if I can when pregnant. Sometimes it bumps up a little during Turbo, but if it stays up there longer than a few seconds, I back off. Your baby needs oxygen and you also want to make sure you don't get overheated.

3. WATER. Drink drink drink.

4. Don't get overheated. Super important. If its 90 degrees outside, it's not a good day for you to go for a walk or a jog.

5. Listen to your body. If you are having any cramping or bleeding..please stop and talk to your doctor. If you are feeling exhausted, it's okay to take a day off. Remember that nourishment is most important to your growing baby.

6. Remember that you are working out for health and maintenance NOT to lose weight while pregnant.

7. Eat well. When you are pregnant and in you 2nd and 3rd trimesters, you do need to consume more calories, working out or not. Add exercise into the mix, and you need to eat more. However, make the calories count;) But make sure you eat!

8. Ab Exercises-- Yes you can continue to do them. Doctors used to say not to lay flat on your back after 12 weeks, however, this has changed lately. If you start to feel faint or dizzy, get up. I still do ab work on the stability ball, bosu and bench while pregnant. Pilates and Yoga are also wonderful.

9. Stretch.

10. Swimming and walking are both WONDERFUL exercises for pregnant women. Low impact, safe and comfortable.

I hope this helps someone else :) Now I'm off to the gym this morning!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our crazy Puerto Rico trip...

So, we had quite the weekend last weekend. We had a destination wedding in Puerto Rico to shoot that we've been looking forward to for a year. Puerto Rico especially holds a special place in our hearts since Jerry & I were both engaged and married there. The wedding was Saturday June 18-- ceremony starting at 5pm. My original flight left on Friday at 6am, getting me to Puerto Rico at noon. We were planning on spending some time with our good friend Marimar, and also having some time on the beach and relaxing hopefully before heading home Sunday night at 11pm.

Here is how the weekend went down:

Friday morning... plane scheduled to leave at 6AM.

We arrive at airport at 4:35am. Line for checking bags is out the door. We stand in line. At 5:20,we are still in line. They do a last call for our plane. We run up to the front, boarding passes in hand, we just need to check our bags. The lady is like "ok no problem..." Baggage guys wont' take them, says its too late. Are you freaking kidding me?!!! I am crying at this point... this is not a vacation it is for WORK. a WEDDING. We are there, on time!!! We can get on the freaking plane. They say there is nothing they can do and will get us on the next flight.

We are pissed. I'm balling. United knows they screwed up and gives us a full refund because they say there are NO FLIGHTS from any airline that could get us to Puerto Rico that day. I get on my iphone and find a flight on Delta leaving at noon. I walk over to the Delta counter and buy the tickets. NO problem. Fine, relief for now.

NOON: We board flight. Should arrive in Puerto Rico at 6pm.

12:45..sitting on runway...pilot comes on and says the brake system is broken. They have to fix it--delay.

1:45--still delayed. We rebook ourselves on the later connecting flight in Atlanta...hoping to still get there.

4pm--still in Indy. I'm freaking out again. We try to get on another flight out of Indy. There is nothing the rest of the day.

5:30--still in Indy. Rebook for flight on Saturday at 6am. Will get to PR at noon. Wedding is at 5pm. They give us hotel vouchers and $100 in Delta dollars.

8pm- we eat dinner at the hotel at the airport.

10pm--try to sleep, so anxious.

3AM--awake. shower, dress for wedding. head to airport by 3:45.

4AM- check-in, bags checked.

6AM-on plane, ready to depart. It starts raining and lightning. DELAY. No I'm not freaking kidding.

7AM- take off. Our connection in Atlanta leaves at 8:20.

8:10AM- arrive in Atlanta.

We SPRINT through airport. I'm talking SPRINT. I am probably not supposed to run so fast pregnant. Anyway, we are running across the biggest ass airport in the US.

8:19-- get to gate. The have locked the doors. Won't let us on :(:(:( I am SCREWED!!!! I am balling AGAIN. I throw up.

The next flight out is at 9:50. It would get us to PR at 1:30. After that the next flight isn't until 2:30 and it would be too late. The 9:50 flight is completely full. The put us on standby at #1, they feel bad for us after everything we've been through. I am sobbing. I call my bride, she is sobbing. I don't know what to do.

9:50. There is a GOD. 7 people don't make the flight.WE get on the plane on standby. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

1:30--arrive in Puerto Rico. Marimar picks us up, snacks in car. First time I've seen her in 2 years and this was the only hour I saw her the whole trip :( I didn't even get to meet her baby boy!!!

3pm--arrive at resort, run to salon. I get there just in time to see the bride getting her veil in. The wedding is beautiful and perfect.

We decide to try to extend our trip a day because of everything. Yesterday morning we call Delta at 6am to ask. We are on hold for 1 hour, talk to someone, explain everything, asking to get out on Monday instead. They tell us it will cost us $400. OMFG. They won't waive it. So we have to leave for the airport by 11am. Less than 24 hours later. :( :(

On the way to the airport, I get on my phone on twitter and tag Delta about my unhappiness that they wouldn't extend our trip for free after everything. I get a response in 2 minutes, offering to extend it. Not kidding. It's too late though--we are almost to the airport. I am so bummed. Why didn't I think to get on twitter earlier???? I ended up getting more vouchers out of it-- so now we have $200 in vouchers. Not sure when/if we'll use them but at least I got something. So frustrating.

10pm Sunday--home.

So that was the weekend. Seriously, what????

In BETTER NEWS..... I think I felt my first few baby flutters!!! I know it sounds crazy early, but I am pretty certain that is what it was :) Can't wait for them to pick up :)

I leave you with a few photos from PR:



And me at 12 weeks pregnant and definitely showing!



And one of me and Jerry together....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I don't like the doppler!"


Yep, the title of this blog post is what Bella yells every time she sees a doppler machine. haha. I am not sure why exactly she hates the doppler so much, but she does. I went to the OB today for 12 week checkup. Bella of course came with me. She actually loves going with me. We pull up to Clarian North and she yells, "That is the hospital where I was born!" It's so cute. We park, and she gets excited because she loves the water fountains that we pass on the walk in. She loves pushing the automatic door button for me to get into the door. She then yells, "We are going on the elevator!" She used to hate elevators too but has since decided they are ok. She goes on, says hi to all the people... "Hi people!" She screams. haha They all comment on how cute she is ;)

Then we get into the waiting room and Bella goes, "Hi people! See your doctor? I have Mommy's phone!!" hahaha Once again, they all smile and humor me. Yes, I give Bella my Iphone when we are there because it occupies her. Little does the entire waiting room know that they will now be serenaded by the entire song list of every Disney song ever written as Bella sings along....

We are called back, I get weighed (my LEAST favorite part of the doctor's visits....and I always seem to gain more weight in the first trimester than most women, and then it slows down for me. I am up about 6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Blah.) I step off the scale and Bella steps on too. ;)

We get back into the exam room and this appointment is the first one the nurse listened with the doppler for the baby's heartbeat. Bella threw a fit. "NO! I don't like it! I don't like the doppler!" Thankfully, baby 2.0 was cooperative and we found the heartbeat really quickly at 162bpm so Bella didn't have to have a coronary. haha.

Dr. Flora said everything looks great, my uterus is right below my belly button already so I'm definitely measuring a couple of weeks ahead but she also said that is very normal for a second time Mom. She told me to keep taking all of my old lady pills as I call them to help with all the nausea and other digestive discomforts this pregnancy has plagued me with. I go back for my 4 month checkup on July 15 and then the big 20 week appointment and gender ultrasound is August 12 at 8:00am!! I can't wait!!!!

We are heading out of town this weekend for a destination wedding to Puerto Rico!! We are really looking forward to the beautiful photos we are going to have the opportunity to take but it's going to be a long 4 nights away from my baby girl!! I have never left her for that long... I am going to miss her terribly. Safe travels to's hoping I don't puke on the plane ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Painted toes, tigers and cold lemonade

I had something fun happen this weekend. Bella finally allowed me paint her toes :) I've been waiting for this day ever since I found out I was having a daughter. The girly stuff.... pedicures, makeup and shopping... makes me all giddy inside :) Before now I was too scared to ask her because she is a busy little girl... but I finally just asked her and said she "ok!" She sat super still during the painting and when I told her not to move until they dried, she didn't budge. Sweet girl :) And look at how cute these little piggies are ;)


One of the biggest cravings I have had this pregnancy so far is cold lemonade. I think about it all the time, ahha. However, I really don't want to drink 400 calories so I have been resisting. I finally broke down and indulged on Friday night when we went out for dinner. I got an ice cold raspberry lemonade and it was delicious :) And I only had one so I didn't feel guilty at all!


Jerry and I had a wedding to shoot on Saturday so Bella enjoyed the day with my parents. They went to PBS in the park and saw Super Why, and she had a blast. On Sunday we picked her up and headed straight to the zoo for the morning. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time visiting the new tiger exhibit! One thing I am really trying to stick to this year is a "no working on Sundays" rule. It's really easy when working for yourself to overdo it and never take time off. I have had to use a few Sundays as rain days when I've been rained out for a shoot but other than that I've been good about my rule and it's been really great for me and my family.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The first "looks"...

There is that stage in pregnancy that every woman goes through... where your body starts changing and you start getting the "looks"... The "is she pregnant or just a bit on the thicker side?" looks. Yep, even as early as 11 weeks, I have begun getting them.

I was at the gym this morning (I will most likely be talking about continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy in a future blog post).... and went to Turbokick class. Turbokick is a high energy, pretty high impact workout that I've been doing for years. I say that, because if you are newly pregnant and have never done Turbokick before, I wouldn't recommend jumping in a class. BUT, like I said, I've been doing it for years. I am actually certified as an instructor and used to teach classes---so my body is really accustomed to the punching, kicking, and pumping ;)

I was in class this morning and after one of the sections, the girl next to me turned and said "Are you sure you should be doing that?" haha! I just smiled. I knew exactly what she was talking about. I assured her that I wear my heart rate monitor and that my heart rate actually doesn't go above 150 during the class and if I start to feel like I'm working too hard, I step back. And I do. I just found this amusing. Here I am, sporting a little bump already at 11 weeks and getting comments from strangers. A bit weird, but at least she noticed "pregnant" when I really am ;)


In other news, we have a wedding to shoot this afternoon and evening so Bella is off to spend the day and night with my parents. She LOVES her Mimi and Papa and the are going to take her PBS in the park this morning... she is really excited about seeing Super Why-- so I really hope he is there.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby #2 is on the way....

It's hard for me to still believe, but we are expecting our second child this winter. I am due on New Years Day...which means it should be an interesting holiday season ;) I was two weeks early with Bella, and wouldn't mind if this child follows suit... but I know it's ultimately not up to me so we will see! Baby will come when he/she is ready :)

I am closing the first trimester soon and I am happy about that. I've been feeling a bit rough this go around. Lots of nausea, lots of fatigue. Both of those things are harder to fight off when chasing around a toddler and working a 12 hour wedding in 95 degree heat too...whew. However, I feel super blessed to be here and we couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!

I've taken all the gender prediction tests so far.. well there are still a few more out there. I've taken the ring test--GIRL. The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart (both lunar and regular age) said GIRL. The baby's heartbeat at the first ultrasound points towards GIRL. But then I took Intelligender which clearly said boy... soooo WHO KNOWS?!! I surely don't. I go back and forth on my feelings about it. When I first found out I was pregnant I thought girl right away... but then again, it's all I know! As time goes on I lean more towards boy, but I really have no clue. If you ask Bella what we are having... she says we are having a girl and we should name her "Mommy Nemo"... haha!!

I'm starting to show much sooner this time around. It's a bit hard mentally to handle that! I'm ready for the baby belly though so I'll embrace it :) With Bella, I really didn't have a bump at all until 14-15 weeks. This time, though, I am not even 12 weeks yet and definitely already have shape change going on. I know it's the second time around--uterine muscles are already stretched and muscle memory kicks in. I guess I should just be happy my body knows what to do. I mean's REALLLLLLY cool what the female body does to have a baby. :)

I borrowed the doppler from my friend Megan this time around and have easily found this baby's heartbeat on the doppler almost daily lately. It's a great reminder that everything is going great! I find it easier and it's louder each day! Yesterday we listened and I found it right away, loud and clear at 169bpm. We also heard the baby moving around in there...Jerry says they all hate the doppler, which is probably true!

I go back to the doctor this coming Thursday for my 12 week appointment..and then we'll greet the second trimester with open arms!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bella-isms Part 1

Oh Bella, how we adore you!! This little girl lights up our lives every single day. There isn't an hour that goes by that she doesn't say something to crack us up. I know this is a strange way to start the family blog... but here is where she is at right now...

-Bella is currently 2 years and 9 months old
-She is potty trained completely during the day. She wakes up dry from a nap a few days a week. She has no interest in being dry at night.
-She sleeps in a toddler bed
-She speaks in complete sentences, repeats everything we say, and does start conversations. "Hi Mommy where have you been? Did you have a good day at work?" "I missed you Mommy." "Can we watch a movie on the big tv?" It is a completely different experience having a child who can converse with us so much. It remind me how big she is getting, but its SUCH a fun time too!
-She is starting to play with other kids really well--at the park, at the gym, pool etc. Kids she just met. This is a new thing for her
-She no longer freaks out and screams when I take her to the gym daycare
-She LOVES the zoo, swimming, the Children's Museum, dance classes, and going to the park
-She has a best friend named Staci. She loves her dearly. She also has a good friend named Jasmine that she asks about frequently
-Her favorite person in the entire universe is her Papa (Steve)
-Her favorite food is Chobani yogurt followed by a close second with Cheddar Bunnies
-Her favorite drink is Almond Milk
-Her favorite movie right now is Tangled
-She knows she is going to be a big sister, although I don't think she really knows what that means yet
-She wears a size 2T and a size 6.5 in shoes
-She is 28.5 pounds and about 36 inches tall (finally)

A New Place...

Hello blog land!

I've been thinking about this for awhile but decided today that it was time to have a PERSONAL blog for personal ramblings, updates on on our lives and a fun place to share pictures and milestones of the kiddos. For those of you who may not know, I am a photographer, a busy one at that, and have a photography blog for work..that takes up most of time... but I really want a place for just personal stuff ;)

So this blog will be about me, Jerry, Bella and for those of you who don't know yet... Baby Leonards #2 who is expected January 1, 2012 :) So lots of exciting things happening in our live right now to share! I'll try to update in a series so it all makes a bit more sense and less ramblings!

Thanks for following :)